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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Very Important Take on Google and YouTube Merger…

Okay, I have a very interesting opinion on the merger of YouTube and Google. I have been working in the internet space officially since the late 90’s and feel like I have a good sense for what is really going on and what the impact will be long term….

Psyche! No one cares what I think about this merger. Actually do they really care what my thoughts are about anything? Online advertising? Alexandria local politics? Internet marketing? Raising kids? Photography? Random postings of a nutty dad? Probably not, but at least that is sustainable and interesting and unique. At least the 750-1,000 or so visitors per day I get on the site think so, though about 1/2 are random search visitors and the other 1/2 are probably from friends or people that live in Alexandria.

The Blogosphere is all the same thing over and over and over again. I counted on my RSS feed the number of mentions of YouTube and Google. On the top 40 feeds I read, there were 54 entries about Google and/or YouTube in the last few days. Looking within Blogger in the last hour there were 300+ posts just referencing YouTube and over one million in the last year.

My problem these days is most of the blogs I am reading have the same content packaged in another way. Or they all just reference each other or some other post on another blog. They all have links to each other in some crazy ring about the same story. If you were to map out this YouTube story you would see everyone linking to each other talking about what others think. I wonder if it is like a continuum that never ends. If you were to follow all the reference posts to another blog if you would ever end up at the starting point of if you would end up back where you started?

Anyway, I usually write about only what I think and/or my life experiences. I try and focus on things that are interesting to me, and will provide a reference to my visitors that might find something I am reading interesting. But most of what is here is original, maybe boring content, but originial and you wont find a bunch of links to other posts about the news. When my kids read this when I am dead, or really old, it wont be dated in the sense that it was just a news story of the day. Yes, maybe an example of how to market online or some political discussion, but these are sustainable discussions that will last for a long time. A discussion about if Google paid too much for YouTube is just an opinion that really no one has any control over now or in the future.

So you won’t find me talking about what I think about YouTube and Google being married now. Too much of that noise already.

Anyway – if you want a good posting on it, head to John Battelle’s Search Blog, he knows best. Okay, I will like once in awhile.

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