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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Today Show: Bra Fitting 101...

So I was watching The Today Show this morning on NBC. Jennifer had it on as we were making breakfast for the kids. They had a segment about 'How to Make Sure Your Bra Fits.' I am sure this was some ploy to get guys to watch.

Well, I watched the segment and was under whelmed with who they selected to be on the segment, but I understand they want to portray the real people living in America. I was watching the piece and wondering if I needed a bra yet or not, luckily I am still okay.

One of the gals they had selected from the audience came up and they showed her new figure with the new bra this expert 'bra-fitter' had selected for her. Well, then they cut to a Before and After shot.

I was amazed. It was mind altering. I could not believe the difference a bra really makes for a woman. Check out the actual photos below, you will see what a big difference a bra can make.

Now I can't say the before or after is any better, depends on your perspective. But I can say there is a huge difference in how you look. This is something I might test out on myself to see if I turn into a good looking, tall, Asian guy. Or maybe I will switch into a thin, athletic black man. Either way I would be happy.

Well, I will let you know how it goes.

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