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Monday, December 18, 2006

Photo of the Week: Warm Fall Day...

Leaves falling from the sky into the tempid fall airs.
Sitting on the wet bench, your pants are damp and cool.
The sound in the background of kids running home from school.
You hear talk about the pending night of knocking on friendly doors.
The warm wind mixed with the cool rain reminds you of fall days when you were young.
You begin to slide on the brick path as you step into small piles of leaves.
The sun is setting to the West which reminds you to step up the pace to your final goal.
You see spooky witches and ghosts already in the park on their way to collect treats.
It is time to rush back home to pass out candy to all the boys and girls.
It is a beautiful warm fall night with sweet smells in the air.
These are days you will always remember...

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