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Monday, March 19, 2007

What a Zoo!

I was waiting for my train in NY today and sitting in the Acela Lounge. They had the Anna Nicole Smith trial on the TV in the corner of the lounge area. Somehow I was attracted to the television and could not get away. I almost missed my train. It was unbelievable. It was amazing. If you can watch it, you need to tune in, it is an event of the century.

I seriously don’t think they could script a better show. I saw Howard K. Stern, no relationship to Howard A. Stern the King of All Media, and they were grilling him. The judge was yelling at him. The judge was yelling at the 10+ lawyers in the room. It was a real circus. and I was blown away by what I saw. I swear you would never see this type of drama even on prime time television.

You gotta watch this if you can. I remember when I was younger working at IRI in Chicago and we would listen to the OJ trial on the radio. We had a lady that worked there that seemed to listen to the trial for a living. She would sit in her office with the lights off and relax. It was great as a younger worker to know there was no stress.

So this trial seems to be shaping up to be even more of a zoo. They are talking about the many drugs that Anna Nicole Smith was taking, including Methadone and HydroMorphine. They are asking Howard K. Stern (her lawyer) about faxes he sent for her will right before she died. The many drugs she was taking and the many doctors she was going to see. Asking about checks that he wrote on her account for $7,200 each.

This is amazing stuff to watch. You gotta watch this!

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