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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Last Night Was Fun!

Last night we all attended the TC Williams Scholarship Gala. It is a great night that happens every spring in Alexandria where all the who’s who in the town come out to celebrate a great cause.

The mission of The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria, through its relationships within the community, is to encourage and assist the students of the Alexandria City Public Schools by providing them with the necessary resources to pursue a college or post- secondary education.

The fund was set up years ago to ensure that TC Willams grads had access to funds for college and universities. There are many programs that are provided to these aspiring public school students. All Scholarship Fund of Alexandria awards are based on student merit - academic, attendance, community service, leadership, special talent or skills, participation in school and community activities and work experience.

We had a great time and saw a lot of people from the community we knew, and or were interested in meeting.

This evening reminded me of a few things and made me think. First of all, it reminded me how important the school system and the schools are to the community. You could see this in the many TC Williams Grads that were active members of the community.

The second, and less important, was more than a few people asked me why I had stopped updating my blog. They all claimed that they really enjoyed reading it and were disappointed that I had stopped.

So I have decided to dedicate some money to the Scholarship, as it is a really good cause. And then I have decided to start updating my blog again. I love to keep it updated for many reasons I have noted in the past, but the feedback I received last night was such that it did make me realize there is more to it than just me keeping my mind busy.

I look forward to posting my experiences over the past few months. I have had some interesting changes and/or experiences and I plan on sharing a few of them, even if they aren’t as exciting as the Scholarship Gala was.

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