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Monday, April 23, 2007

New Online Business – Remember Your Pet

Call me old fashioned but this new business online seems very gross to me. This is a new service that will take your dead pet’s hair and spin it into yarn. The whole idea is you can ‘wear’ your pet after they are long gone.

They don’t only focus on cats and dogs, form their site ‘We can spin dog hair, cat hair, rabbit hair, alpaca, llama, or any other animal so long as the hair/fiber is long enough.’ Think about your dead rabbit that was mauled by the pit bull down the street. You can even consider your cat that got run over by that truck last year.

They suggest you make some great things out of your dead pet’s hide, including: Mittens, socks, hat, pillows, ponchos, and even a baby blanket. I am sure I want my kid sleeping on my dead alpaca.

I think the blood in the yarn might cause some trouble, but overall this is a really disgusting idea.

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