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Monday, May 14, 2007

Watch Out!!!

Dryver took this shot of me outside of Gravely Point. We love going to this park that is right near the monuments and just about 200 feet from the Reagan National Airport runway. The planes fly so low that you are not allowed to fly kites near the park as you could actually hit a plane.

Gravely Point is in Alexandria and is really a great park to go and have a picnic with the family. We go out there every week or so during the summer and spring. You can watch across the river to see fireworks or other things going on in the city, without having to cross the bridge or take the metro.

You can check out a cool view from Google Maps of this park and how close it is to the airport. It is a real blast to come and watch boats, cars, trains, and airplanes all in one place. You even can see the Presidental Helecopters fly by once in awhile. It is a true parents dream to keep kids busy in a really safe place.

To reach Gravelly Point, take the Metro to Reagan National Airport, walk inside the terminal and exit from the lower level. Upon leaving the terminal building, turn right and keep walking north. Past the building is a parking lot, followed by a row of hangars, after which you will see an asphalt bike path. Continue along this path until you reach the park. It is about a 15-minute walk from the airport Metro stop.

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