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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Subliminal Login?

Sitting and waiting for my flight to Los Angeles this morning in the Red Carpet Club at Dulles. I decide to get some work done as my flight is running late, again. I start-up my laptop and fire up Firefox.

I can see the wireless has hooked-up to T-Mobile, as they have a wi-fi deal with United Airlines. The login screen loads up and I am about to login, but I get this strange feeling that I am doing something wrong. Almost something naughty. I check to make sure my pants are zipped up, yup, everything okay.

Why do I have this feeling all of a sudden? Then it comes to me, the photo up at the right hand corner of the login screen. What are those two up to? ‘Stick Together’ – what does that mean?

Humm, all I know is I feel dirty, and it is still only 7am.

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