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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And The Winner Is...

One of the things I really enjoy early each month is the release of the new Media Metrix domain key measures report. There is such a wealth of knowledge in this report and I could spend hours and hour just going through it to better understand what people are doing online.
One of the first things I look at each month is who has ended up at the bottom of the list. These guys are the losers of the Media Metrix race. They are in dead last. Now, I am not sure they really are losers, since there are millions of even smaller sites that don't show-up on the report, so these guys probably are happy to be on the list and consider this a win.

So the winner 'last in the list' site for December 2007 is EGYPT.TRAVEL with 12K UVs in the US and over 14K visits in the month. This site is more of an advertising focused site around traveling to Eqypt. The site does apper to be set-up as a pop-up, so I am not sure the traffic is 100% legit, but it at least has content.

Check it out, they are the winners for December 2007!

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