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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dryver Graduation to Green Belt...

Dryver graduated from Yellow Belt in Tai Kuon Do to Green Belt this weekend. I was very proud of him as he showed how much he has learned and has become very confident in front of the crowd of people that come to watch these graduations.

I think the effects of being involved in Tai Kuon Do are much different than I thought. They have made Dryver really excited to learn and be physical. He really seems to enjoy doing the classes and is really proud that he has progressed so far. He also has shown some confidence that I would never have thought I would have seen from him if you asked me a year ago.

I am really happy that he loves this sport, and I am happy that he does it without being told to do it. He really does love learning and he loves his instructors as they teach him a lot and treat him with respect.

Dryver's morals are built based on respect. I think this is why he likes Tai Kuon Do so much and why he feels safe in this envrionment. I really hope this confidence can carry over into the real world. He has so much to give the world, and I don't want him to lose the confidence and energy to give it.

I am a very proud dad!

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