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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Some Cub Scout Days...

Dryver and I have had a blast this year being a part of Cub Scouts. He really likes the friends and the activities and I love spending time with him as Dryver and Dad. We spent the last few weekends doing fun things, including walking in a parade, watching a basketball game, Scout Sunday at church and of course checking out the construction site at National Harbor.

I think Dryver has a real blast and loves the fact that he is a part of something. He really loves wearing his uniform, hat and scarf. He really loves playing with his buddies at the meetings, but best of all he does seem to like having me around. I am not sure how long that feeling with last for him, but I will really cherish it every minute as I love the little guy so much and I am so proud to be his dad!

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