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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Blog To Read...

You gotta check out this new blog that is being authored by a friend of ours that lives in Chicago. His name is Phil Handler and is a really great guy. I used to love going out and getting some drinks with him as he is the type of guy that is always happy and in a great mood.

The guy has a charmed life; he worked for the Chicago Bears for many years, practiced law with a degree from UofI, and has been having a great time being ‘Phil’. The downside is he was born with Type One Diabetes and has been struggling with this disease for his whole life. All the shots and drugs and special diets, all have become a part of Phil’s lifestyle.

There is one really scary part of being afflicted with Type One; it all has to do with the fact that you have to actively manage your blood sugars. It isn’t as simple as just testing every 12 hours and drinking some juice. People afflicted with Diabetes Type One are in a constant state of management and as they get older, are walking on a ledge.

Phil tells an amazing story about how one day his blood sugars got so low that he blacked out and ended up on a corner in San Francisco, without any remembrance of the past 45 minutes or so.
To combat the sudden and unexpected onset of an attack, there are some great organizations out there that will provide you with a dog. The dog is specially trained to identify the early onset of an attack. The dog can smell/sense when the blood sugars are getting to a point of risk and when action needs to be taken.

Phil has qualified to purchase one of these dogs. He is in the camp now and will leave with a new best friend, which will not only be a great pet, but a lifesaver one day.

Phil is writing about his experience on his newly established blog, known as ‘The Handler.’ It is a great read and a great tale of this journey he is undertaking. I strongly recommend the blog if you want to keep track of an interesting story in someone’s life.

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