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Monday, July 28, 2008

Redskins Fan Day...

The kids and I headed to Redskins Park to watch the team practice for Fan Day. It was 100 degrees and there were thousands of fans. It took us over 3 hours to get to the park and by the time we got there (it took about an hour to travel about 2-3 miles), the team decided to head in and cool off.

I didn't blame them as it was very hot, though we were told the game started around 2:30 and we got to the gate around 2:50. The dummies that were running the gate decided not to let a bunch of fans in. It was crazy that these fans had traveled all the way to see the team, buy food and drinks, buy merchandise, and even support the team as a whole, and these idiots running the front gate wouldn't let them in.

We got in, but just at the last few minutes and because we were smart enough to go around back and get out of the crowd befoe they shut off access. I felt bad for all these fans that had taken a whole day to come out and because some stupid idiot decided to not take this into account probably impacted hundreds of fans perceptions of The Redskin organization. Because these young guys at the front gate wouldn't let these fans at least come in and look at the field or see the trophies or take pictures, the negative impact is going to be felt for years.

The Redskins probably can afford to piss off loyal fans as they have plenty of them, but if you continue to run an organization with this mentality it will come back someday, and I am very confident that this day is coming, just not sure when.

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