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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coming Home...

I travel a lot for my job, and enjoy meeting with people in NY, Atlanta, LA, and San Francisco. Given what I do for a living the travel comes with the territory, and with all the pains of having to wake up at 3am to catch an early flight to LA or grab an early train to NY, there are plenty of good times.

The best times are coming home after being on the road for awhile. I have lately been coming home late at night and not been able to see Jennifer and the kids until they wake up the next morning, but when I do get a chance to get home early enough to surprise them it is a blast.

Dryver always runs up and gives me hugs, while Stryde sorta just looks and tells me something he is working on or whatever is top of mind. I realize I do miss some of the fun things during the week, but try and make sure to catch-up with everyone and get as much time together as possible when I am home. I also have realized that when we spend time on the weekends or vacations, though I have work to do, it is a good time to spend with the family.

It is great having kids, and one fo the best parts is coming home to see them and hearing about everything they did during the day...

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