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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Now or Never

Okay, I have not been around for awhile, I have been pretty busy. That being said, I need to get back to my life and focus on being involved in more than just online advertising and marketing. Though I enjoy it, I am going to also focus on other areas of the internet, since I think I am starting to sleep, dream and eat online ads.

That being said, I have a family, I still have interest in local politics, movies, photography, football, food, traveling, etc... So I am going to try and incorporate into ColdKiwi blog the stories and experience I have in the next phase of my life, which I will start as of NOW.

As always, I hope this is a place where Dryver & Stryde, and their children and grandchildren can go and read about what I was doing all those days I was on the road or at work late nights.

I am sure this blog will be pretty mundane at times, though I will try and make it as interesting as possible, but you can't blame me if it is boring, that's life.

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