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Friday, August 27, 2010

Shortcut Stuck on Desktop....

I have had this problem with Windows Vista where I had saved some website shortcuts to my desktop. The problem was Windows thought they were .com files because the file was named and the shortcut was seen as a system file.

This seems to be a bug in Windows Vista that I have been searching for the past 3 years on how to fix. I tried everything I could, including going into safe mode, upgrading the system patches, and even trying file tools.

Well, I finally found the solution and it is very simple. If you have run into this problem because you saved an internet website shortcut onto your desktop, I think this is the only solution that works (outside of reinstalling your OS)...

1. Open command prompt
2. CD to the directory where the file resides (would be under C:\username\desktop
3. When you get to the right directory you should run a dir /x on the directory
4. You will see a list of the 'real' 8.3 names of files & folders (they will be to the left of the full name)
5. Then you can delete with the RD command

Here is the syntax

CD C:\username\desktop
dir /x
RD filename

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