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Friday, June 17, 2016

Ted Rubin. Establishing Trust: a Crucial Pillar...

Establishing Trust: a Crucial Pillar in Building Customer Experience – THE SOCIAL CMO Blog by Ted Rubin #RonR #NoLetUp

Ted Rubin. Establishing Trust: a Crucial Pillar...

Yes, giving up control is scary, especially in the marketing of your company. But not leveraging the power of your employees in the social space is like nailing one of your shoes to the floor. Your competition will soon overtake you. However, there are more tools coming online to help brands identify and empower employees to be social advocates without the fear factor. One such tool is Dynamic Signal’s platform, called VoiceStorm , which enables, empowers, monitors and measures the social media activity associated with your company so that you can reward positive activity and respond to trouble.
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