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Friday, September 02, 2016

In Black Enterprise: Russ Fradin on How to...

"The goal isn’t to stifle your employees’ personal social media freedom. Rather, it’s to maintain consistent messaging and to limit your company’s chances of facing a public relations nightmare. When creating your policy, here are five big things to keep in mind..." --- Russ Fradin in Black Enterprise

In Black Enterprise: Russ Fradin on How to...

We’ve all cringed and laughed at articles about social media mishaps, and we’ve sworn that we’ll never be one of those people. But now, Joe from sales is one of those people, and because his Twitter bio says he works for your company, this is now your problem, too. For the past several years, it’s been a goal of mine to help leaders prevent this from happening at their companies. A key ingredient to doing so is creating a social media policy—precautionary guidelines that help keep your brand from becoming the focal point of Monday morning’s gossip hour.
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