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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Reality Bites...

I want everyone to visit this blog. Though it is sad and depressing, it is also an amazing look into the strength and love of one family that is dealing with a great loss. Daira is someone I work with and she lost her 2 year old daugter a few months ago. Just reading the whole sharing of emotions around what the family is living and feeling provides such insiration and puts life into perspective.

I spent two hours reading all of the blog (including the comments section). The history that is provided in this familys journal is so insightful and you actually are able to experience the history of what they have felt and experienced. No one can pretend to understand what they are feeling or what they have in the future.

I can tell you that this blog and comments in the blog made me weep. The Akers are a great and amazing family! I can only hope that the love Daria and Tood have for Cassie can grow and expand to continue that love and even pass even more love to Lesley as she grows up.

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