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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trip to Chicago & The Farm...

We are heading out to Chicago this weekend, just me and the kids. We are going to go to see the grandparents (Grandpa and SueSue in Chicago) and then down to 'The Farm' in Crown Point Indiana. The kids should have a great time, and I think Jennifer will be able to go shopping without the rugrats this weekend. I am a little concerned about Stryde and his new idea of fun (kicking and pushing kids around), but if we can make it through the travels, we will be okay.

We are going to go visit Grandma Eva and also probably visit the Flea Market, where the kids will probably want to buy enough junk to fill up our new addition on our home. We also will be able to see some of the people I grew up with and hope to relax a little.

More to come from Chicagoland in the next day or two. I expect many great stories to come out of this trip, especially the trip to the farm, where Stryde will go and push the animals around and Dryver will be scared of them.

Dryver in the drivers seat of a United 737 from our last trip to Chicago Posted by Picasa

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