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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Steel Town Cinema

I have always been intrigued and exceptionally interested in movies which are set in steel or factory towns. These stories are usually tremendously multifaceted, as they also carry the burdens and pains associated with living in such a complicated time and situation. Many of the finest steel town movies transport you right into an active ingredient and member of this intricate culture.

The story of a steel or factory town is interesting in itself, there is so much history in the US, and similar to farming settings, the past is austere, miserable and dark. When a director decides to place the factory life as a dynamic part of the challenges that the main and associated characters face, the audience feels and sympathizes directly with this situation. These movies make you feel and understand the pain that Michael Moore was attempting to portray in Roger and Me.

The Top Steel/Factory Town Movies of all time are:

The Deer Hunter
All The Right Moves
Erin Brockovitch

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