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Friday, March 04, 2011

A Personal Check-up...

Okay here is a personal question for you...

Have you ever had so much going on in your life that you are not sure where to start to get caught up or take a breath? It is not a feeling of helplessness at all, it is more a feeling of empowerment that you have so much control over where you are headed.

I think that is where I am and I look at all the stuff that needs to be done (from daily tasks, to follow-up, to large sales deals, to even long term life planning) and the areas where we need to focus and I realize there is so much that it just is a non-stop effort to chip away at everything in my life. Maybe when you turn 37 that is what happens, you start to realize you are chipping away at life.

I wonder if this is a function of being older and now having a broader view of everything around me, or if it is actually the fact that I do have literally 500 things that I need to do, including simple things that are in my daily life.

It is such a great time in our lives for me and my family. The kids are at the best times of their lives, Jennifer is doing great at work, and I love my job more than ever. I really enjoy the creativity and the energy of the company and people I work with.

I wonder if I were to just take everything off my ‘to do’ list and start over if I would be in better shape? I don’t think that is reasonable, though it is an interesting idea. I guess as long as I don’t lose focus on what is really important all is good.

I always remember to kiss my family and give them hugs. That is about all that is priority 1AAA for me, everything else is below that!

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