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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Back to Reality

Okay, I received 63 emails and counting, and my last post on the Virginia Governors race was picked up on many local web sites and political blogs. A Virginia state politician also posted my entry with photos. I also was called by a Richmond radio station this evening, they were doing a ‘fed up with the election story’ for next week to run on the morning show. I think it was called WRVA (but I am not sure.)

I must tell you that most people got the point of my blog entry. The signs were just an example of a larger issue that I was concerned and frustrated with. There were a few of the emails and posts that did not get the point and went off on a tangent about yard signs. The Kaine campaign contacted me this evening and I feel that they really are trying to keep this campaign as positive as possible. They have a huge uphill battle in front of them and they are getting hammered all over the place by every side.

I do still feel frustrated and I hope one day the negative politics in our country will end. It does not teach our children anything good. On the positive side, I spent the morning at the opening of the new Duncan Library in Alexandria (Del Ray). The new library is great and the atmosphere was one of collaboration and community involvement. All the local and many of the state politicians were there and they all were working together for a common good. The kids were checking out books and listening to stories. This is what politics should be about.

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