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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Weekend Fun...

We had a great Halloween weekend as it was packed with so many activities, including parties, candy, parades, candy, carnivals and candy. Dad and Sue came into town to visit; they had not been in DC for over a year and wanted to check out our new home and see the kids again. Both Dryver and Stryde were so excited and we had a great time all weekend, carving pumpkins, making a float for the parade, playing outside, and going to the carnival down the road.

On Sunday there was a parade in Del Ray and Dryver and Stryde were in the contest for the best float and costumes. We came in the top 10 of the floats, but did not stick around to see if we won anything. They both went as Power Rangers this year. We covered their Hummer car in aluminum foil and made it look like a spaceship, or at least a Hummer car covered in foil. Grandpa helped carve the pumpkin and make the float. Dryver was very impressed with how smart Grandpa was and how much he knew what to do. Dryver told SueSue that ‘Grandpa is very smart and knows how to do a lot of stuff.’

Here are some photos from the weekend, including the cool float and some pictures from Dryver and Stryde at school for their Halloween parties at Westminster.

We went trick or treating tonight and this was the first year Stryde really understood the whole deal. They were both so excited; we went with a few of their friends and walked around our neighborhood. I was impressed with how respectful both Dryver and Stryde were when going to the door and when people offered candy, they each only took one. Many of the kids were grabbing many pieces from the jar, but our kids only took one each time. I hope this type of respect continues as they grow up.

The only time I saw signs of the trickery was when we got home. When we were done for the night and were hanging out at home. We had some trick or treater’s come to our house and the kids would go run and answer the door. I was talking to one of the parents at our front door. The little girl was picking out a few pieces from our basket that I was holding, but was not watching her bag as it hung down to the floor. I looked down and saw Stryde had climbed down below everyone and was picking pieces of candy out of the little girl’s bag as she was distracted with the basket of candy I was presenting to her. Stryde had collected a few pieces of candy and was ready for a getaway, when I caught him and told him to put the candy back in the little girl’s bag. I actually think he was confused and think he was under the impression he was being offered candy, since everywhere else he went he was getting free candy from people.

Anyway, they both ate a lot of candy and played a few games. Stryde kept coming across more candy that he wanted to eat, even after we had put everything away. We all had such a great time this Halloween. Dryver asked me if ‘Halloween was going to be again next weekend.” Thank goodness it is only once a year, I am not sure my back (or teeth) would make it.

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