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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Defining 2005…

I just figured out what 2005 was all about. I realized it this morning as I was traveling to San Francisco for a meeting with a client. It is not easy to describe, or maybe I am to tired to explain it, but my morning speaks to where we are…

I woke up at 3:45am EST from my Trio 600 ringing, took a shower, and drove to the airport, for a flight I had booked online last night. I arrived at the airport with 45 minutes before my plane was to leave (this is cutting it a little close at Dulles Airport, but I am now used to cutting flights close.

I was able to go on my Trio and check the status of my flight while also reading the top stories about the bombings in Jordan and the recent election in Virginia. I also sent a note to my client letting him know that I received the presentation he sent last night.

I walked up to a kiosk put my credit card in, selected my seat, and received my boarding pass, this took about 22 seconds. Note – though I booked my flight less than 12 hours prior to California from Washington DC, the total airfare was $200 round trip. I went through 3 levels of security, including taking off my shoes and belt and dropping about 10 different types of electronics into my pc bag, while removing my laptop from the case. The security screening took 20x longer than checking in and selecting my seat.

I realized that I had forgotten my jacket, and since I was presenting I would need one. I realized I could buy one at the Brooks Brothers in the San Francisco airport. I boarded my Jet Blue flight, and within 15 minutes we were airborne.

I am now sitting in a very nice leather seat, listening to my new phone, which is an iPod and phone in one very cool device (from Cingular). I am listening to the Black Eyed Peas while reading my email on my laptop and watching an infomercial for ‘The Bullet’ on the DirecTv feed offered on the flight.

I just was able to switch over to Howard Stern’s show from yesterday and listen to the rebroadcast as a podcast. I have my cell phone set to receive calls via the in seat phone and also can make outbound calls through the whole flight.

I read all my email, sent a few messages and emails, paid two bills, and reviewed a presentation for later today, and it is still before 7am. On top of all that, I am writing my blog. No wonder I am tired.

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