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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mimi is Coming, Mimi is Coming…

This is what the kids were yelling last night when they found out that their Grandma from Florida is coming to visit. Well I am not sure she is from Florida, she is more of a traveling gypsy, but that is what makes her Mimi Dryver and Stryde were so excited to see Mimi again and acted like it had been years since they had seen her last, though I am sure it seems like years to them.

Both the kids love when any grandparent comes to visit, and I am so proud that they treat all of the grandparents with respect and display their love unconditionally to each. Dryver is so affectionate lately, that he will go up to Mimi, SueSue, Grandpa, PaPa, or JuJu and give them hugs and kisses. Stryde on the other hand will yell at them and jump up and down. I think he will probably grow out of this behavior.

But because Mimi is coming today, they are focused on playing hard this afternoon. Dryver said last night that he needed to get some sleep so he could play with Mimi today. Stryde was jumping up and down yelling “Mimi is a bad boy”. That is a sign of affection for Stryde these days.

It is always great when the kids can play with their grandparents, and I love to watch Mimi and the kids run around like crazy people. The good news for the kids is Mimi is crazy and so they all fit in well together.

I used to be concerned that we were not living close to our parents, and thus the kids were losing something. I have come to realize that the time the kids spend with their grandparents is even more important and valuable to them because of the distance. They realize the special nature of seeing their grandparents, and really appreciate the time they have with them.

Well, I am sure I will receive the full report on Mimi’s visit when I get back in town on Friday. I look forward to hearing what they played and how Mimi was so crazy. I also am sure I will hear about Mimi being a bad boy from Stryde, unless she bribes him somehow.

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