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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Watching TV…

I realized that I don’t really watch TV anymore. I think it is because I have been busy, but I also think it is because there is not much on that is interesting. I will watch the news once in awhile. I can remember years ago, where I would plan my evening around a television show, such as Survivor, Friends, Seinfeld, American Idol, Fraiser, or even Will and Grace. These days are over.

I have a few shows on TiVo that I will watch once in awhile, but there are no shows anymore that I plan on watching. My TiVo shows that I will catch once in awhile are:

- Seinfeld – I probably watch this most often of any shows
- Cops – I watch the new episode every week, but usually only about 10 minutes of the show
- Breaking Bonaduce – This is probably the only new show I really enjoy these days, though it is getting less interesting lately.
- Saturday Night Live – About 40% of this show is good, so I will fast forward through to the good skits.

Otherwise, I end up not watching TV or going to OnDemand and looking for a documentary on HBO or ShowTime.

I hope next year brings back good programming, it really is lacking.

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