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Thursday, December 22, 2005

First Snow of the Year!

We had the first snow of the year a week ago and the kids loved it. It was only an inch or two, but they were outside when I got home and having a blast.

Dryver and Stryde decided to have a snowball fight and I sat inside and watched it go down. I expected to hear a crying kid any second. Well, it was pretty funny and entertaining. Dryver was making pretty good snowballs, but they were falling apart by the time they hit Styde (most of the time he missed his target anyway).

Stryde was even better. He had created a pretty good sized snowball and was carrying it around in his mitten. Well it was wet enough so it had stuck to his mitten in his hand. So everytime he looked in his hand he had a big snowball. He would throw it at Dryver (though it would never leave his hand) and laugh. He was under the impression that he was winning the war.

Anyway, long story short, he continued to throw this same snowball (that somehow kept appearing in his hand) at Dryver. Finally he noticed that it was the same snowball when he was trying to pick something else up. He kept wacking his hand on the railing of the deck, but the snowball would not leave his mitten.

Finally, being pretty creative, he ate the snowball off of his mitten. He smiled at me and went on to playing in the snow. He is a problem solver just like his old man! Posted by Picasa

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