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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cool Technology: TimeTrax for Sirius or XM

This is the coolest technology I have found in a long time. If you are getting into the satellite radio market. TimeTrax lets you record XM, XM-Online and SIRIUS broadcasts including music, talk, news, sports, comedy and more. Content is stored on your hard drive as individual MP3s (or any other of six file formats), ready for a CD-R, your MP3 player or to enjoy right on your computer.

You set this up on your pc, tune your Sirius radio into the 90's station, and when you get home from work, you have hours of 90's shows in individual mp3 files. The files are tagged with the song, artist, name, time, publisher, etc... You have a digitial music library overnight.

This is the coolest technology ever. It is like you set-up Napster to go out and download all your favorite music and create a mp3 library. I am not sure how long this technology is going to be on the market. I have heard the TimeTrax people are moving away from offering this as it is on the fringe of RIAA acceptable standards.

But, I strongly suggest you buy this baby! Check it out at this site...

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