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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Buddy...

So we talk a lot about Uncle Joel and how he is over in Iraq. We were able to say hello to him on Christmas morning and he sounded great. He is coming back in late January and we are going to go out and visit the Sgt Collins Gang in April. Uncle Joel is a great man. He is a great brother and an even better parent to his kids. I love spending time with him and talking about politics. I always enjoy seeing him and really am looking forward to him coming home.

All that being said I have built a really strong relationship with my other brother in law, Jon, over the past few years. I don’t talk about him as much on this blog, partially because he is not over in Iraq, but also because he is a humble guy and I don’t think he necessarily would want me to.

But, I realized this past holiday how much he means to me and my family. Uncle Jon is such a great friend and he really is one of the most humble and caring guys you would ever meet. He is someone I am so happy to know and be related to, if not by blood, by law.

Jon and I are very much alike in our interests. He loves Howard Stern also and has a great sense of humor. I love golfing with him because he is laid back and has fun. I love just sitting around with him and talking. I also love when he plays with Dryver and Stryde. They absolutely love him and love ‘having pillow fights’ with him as much as possible.

Jon is the young one in the family and he is just getting his groove. He is trying to find where he wants to go, and he as been very successful in all his business and personal endeavors. It will be fun to share his experiences with him as he gets older. I am excited for the opportunity to have his kids play with Dryver and Stryde one day also.

Though Uncle Joel is busy protecting us, Uncle Jon is caring for our family. That is why I love Jennifer’s family so much. They really mean a lot to me and have made a big impact on me for who I am and on where we are heading!

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