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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Question of the Day...

Why do most of the most vocal political pundits have such a distinctive (a.k.a. very strange looking) appearance? From the left side with guys like Al Frankin to the far right with loonies such as Ann Coulter. They all have a very unique look and it is usually not something that would be considered for the cover of GQ or Vogue, or even for Strange and Ugly magazine.

I think there could be something to be said for the fact that people that are bizarre looking have to focus their time and energy in other ways. They also build up anger as they grow up and are outcast from the normal folks. They then lash out at people though becoming angry with anyone that does not agree with them.

Many of these people are very bright and would probably be good politicians, but they would never win. When was the last time someone who looked like this won the presidency, or even mayor of DC?

Ann Coulter at the Republican National Convention Posted by Picasa

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