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Friday, March 31, 2006

We are Family…

Things are crazy. I have not had a free second to do anything recently. I barely was able to book my travel this week, and even did not have time to check my non work email in the past 3-4 days. I am in San Francisco, San Jose, Phoenix, Denver, and Chicago over the past 10 days. Talk about nuts. I am on a plane to Tempe Arizona now heading to another conference.

I will have attended 3 conferences in a couple of weeks, while speaking at one yesterday. The new gig is great and I am excited to work 24 hours a day. I have been tired lately from working so much, but it is a blast, I have not had such a great time in a long time at work. I know there is a ton to do, but I am excited about it. I know we are making progress, but anytime away from work puts me back by at least 10x the time I am away.

Getting back to the day to day work is great, though I think about my dad every few minutes. I actually realized that I used to think about him a lot even before he died. It seems like the call from my sister about my dad passing was about two months ago, though it was about a week ago.

People around me have been great. I realize how much people care. I really appreciate the support from people and hope I can repay to each of them the love and support they gave me. I am amazed how people have reached out. I have heard from old frat brothers, friends from high school, church, Sig Eps, comScore, IRI, Adify, old friends, every family member, peers, professional, and even my blogroll. I was so impressed by the caring feedback I received from the people that read my blog. Though I don’t reach a ton of people here, they have been great.

This made me realize that personal blogging is more than just a journal. It is a journal of experiences you are sharing with your friends and family, but also with people that are like you. I really enjoy reading other peoples experiences such as Cultured State, A VC, Kevin Mills, Drive away from Home Blog, etc…

There are many types of blogs out there and blog categories. Tech blogs, celebs, gossip, political, local, etc… But I think there is a blog that is more important to the blogosphere than any of these. It is the personal blogs that bring people together with personal stories. Though these are not blogs that get a lot of press or a lot of visitors, they are the blogs that mean the most to the people that write them, and just as much to the people that read them.

I hope one day to have a Cold Kiwi blog reunion for all the people that read my blog and all the blogs I read. I feel like I know these people and they are friends. I get insight into their lives and I expose my feelings and ideas to them.

Though things are crazy and busy, I will always have time for my blog family.

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