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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stryde The Exterminator

I have not written about the kids lately. Actually, I have not written about anything lately. The kids are at such a great age. I miss seeing them and spending every minute with them these days as they are such funny kids. If I did not have a company to help launch, I could write full time about what the kids are up to.

Stryde is 3 now, and he is a nut. He loves to be in charge and loves to push Dryver’s buttons. He is a stubborn kid and is the polar opposite of Dryver. He is aggressive, hard nosed, type A, competitive, tough, and wired. For example, we had to have him stop taking naps because he would stay up until midnight if he took a nap. Dryver could still take a nap and would go to bed around 7pm if you let him.

The other day Stryde decided to stay up late, as he has done many times. While Dryver goes to bed within a few minutes of his bedtime story, Stryde will sing, dance, climb on chairs, jump on the bed, climb under the gate, watch tv, crawl on the walls, etc… until late into the night.

Well, he was running around upstairs, even after Jennifer was trying to go to bed. He was jumping around, climbing on things and even playing run around game. He decided to go into the bathroom and close the doors. He was in there playing as Jennifer was telling him to go to bed. He thought it was funny. All of a sudden she heard him in the bathroom crying for mommy.

Jennifer opened the bathroom door thinking there was something wrong, and saw him standing on the toilet. He was looking down at the floor and screaming. There were a couple of ants on the floor and he was freaked out. He kept saying ‘Mommy those are scary.” Jennifer went and killed the ants and helped Stryde down off the toilet.

He decided it was best he went to bed rather than flirt with more danger. He is such a nut. It is funny to hear these stories and I wish I was there to see him on the toilet looking down at the ants. I am sure I will see him do another kooky thing in the near future.

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