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Friday, May 19, 2006

Web 2.0 Site of the Week:

So is one of the largest photo hosing sites on the web today. It hosts photos for My Space users and also hotlinks in other sites. They have about 4 million new images per day on the site and their growth is one of the fastest on the web.

Some interesting stats about this business…

- Founded in 2003 in Denver
- Raised 10.5MM in VC
- Cash flow positive
- 4 million new images per day
- Spends over $1MM per year on content monitoring
- 30 people are fulltime reviewing the site content
- Content monitors review 200 images per minute
- Top image source for MySpace, which is adding 280M users per day
- 3.3MM images added to MySpace daily

The whole business is interesting. The fact that they are cash flow positive is interesting; given the amount of bandwidth they are dealing with. Anyway, this story is interesting about and MySpace

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