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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day Four, Back To Work…

Today I got back to the farm to do some work. It was another hot one, but not in the 100’s at least. The kids were all burnt and tired from the beach yesterday and I was tired from driving about 10 hours in the past day or so. We did some work in the morning on tearing down the house. We actually got into a good rhythm on how to make sure everyone was doing some work. I think the kids got a lot out of these last few days as they talk about their experiences already.

It is interesting to see them work together and I think they actually get more out of being together and being in this community than the actual work. Though the work does provide them with some feeling of accomplishments, the teamwork is much more important. The youth have also done a great job of being a part of this homeless community. They have made friends with all the young kids that live here.

They have done a great job of making sure the people that live here feel like we are all equals. I have really been impressed with the youth and all they have done while being here. The community here has been great also. We learned a few stories about how people ended up in a homeless farm, especially those that have full families. The stories are amazing as I could see anyone of my friends or family ending up living here just through some bad luck. The interesting part of being here and hearing the stories has been the fact that no two stories so far have been the same. I have spoken to at least 5 different residents and have not had one common thread in any of their stories.

The only common message I have heard is they all want to be a part of the community and contribute and be active citizens. There is an overriding tone of frustration, but I have not heard any of them blame anyone for their problems.

I really feel the hard work, the harsh living conditions, being with our youth, and leading our team are all dwarfed by what we are all learning by being welcomed into this great community. Posted by Picasa

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