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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Here is a Blog Everyone Can Love...

I have been so caught up in reading political, technology and opinion blogs, I forgot there are 100's of others. What reminded me was when I saw this article in iMedia Week about the top special interest blogs. The top blog was one that I had no clue even existed.

The top special interest blog is called TVSquad. The site is and it is pretty nice. But this is not the type of blog I would visit. It seems to be mostly about the programming and schedule. There are some interviews and some flashback stories. But I am not that much into TV, since most of TV sucks.

But there is a blog that I really love now. It is called SlashFood, and you can find it at and it is fun. They have new cool recipes (which they review), books, new products, and general food information. How can anyone not like the food blog?

So I will add it to my blogroll and check it out every few days. Here is a link to their new products tag. Cool new stuff, such as portable peanut butter, double chocolate cookie crisp, flavored Kit Kats.

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