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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How to WIN a Negotiation... Every Single Time!

Alright, I can't guarantee this one, but I can pass to you a tip that Eric Sink took the time to write out in his blog. Though his theory is truly common sense, it is 100% accurate and on target.

Now, in a B2B or enterprise sales environment, you can see the companies that do well are the ones that use time and planning to their advantage. The companies that fail are those that don’t put themselves in a situation where they can not close the deal.

Time is one of the few resources that is actually very abundant in today’s business world, it is really a question of how well it is managed. The greatest leaders are the ones that utilize time (i.e. planning, resources, capital, etc...) in the best ways possible.

The answer in how to win a negotiation every time? It all ends up being Time. And with time you always have the ability to walk away from the deal...

You can read more on this at Eric's post, but I think he is right on with this one. I have had many personal and business experiences that support his theory 100%.

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