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Monday, April 18, 2011

Meeting Set-up Response Email

I was trying to set-up a meeting with an old work friend and he suggested we meet downtown near his office between 1pm and 3pm.   I decided to have fun with the response...

'Anytime works, but 1pm is best. If that doesn't work, what do you suggest?  I am flexible and can work with your request. Just let me know if you protest. I am heading to Cali from East to West.   Though I am a frugal traveler I must confess.  I am United Business Class, not flying Southwest.  When we meet I can fill you in on our new business quest.   I am pretty sure you will be at least a little impressed.  Dynamic Signal will not stand to be second best.  So far with funding we have been very blessed.  I will come to your office this time and be your guest.   I can head your way, can you send me the address?   I hate to bother you and be such a pest.  It will be good to see you as you have probably already guessed.  I am a little slow and have not had very much rest.   Starting this company has made me a little stressed.  I certainly don't want to be an unwelcome guest.  I heard Dick Cheney suffers from cardiac arrest.  Have you ever seen a movie that stars Mae West?  I'm playing Monopoly and landed on Community Chest.  Looking forward to seeing you, you are the best!  - Take care - Jim'

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