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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Remembering Dryver's Birthday Party...

Back in the crisp cold day in early January 2006. We had over 20 kids at our house, including a magician, clown, and no parents. We had pizza, popcorn and soda. We had chocolate fountains, balloons, bowling, and music.

Dryver had a great time with all his friends and Stryde had an even better time eating the Chocolate straight from the constantly flowing fountain. He got to the point of sticking the pretzel stick into the warm chocolate and licking, no sucking, it off the snack. I think if he had a straw he would have been happy.

Jennifer did a great job of organizing this drop-off party for Dryver and his friends. I am always amazed in how Jennifer can do these things. I just sit there and wonder how this is all happening with, what looks like, very little effort.

Dryver is similar to Jennifer in being more organized and observant on things. They are two peas in a pod and you can tell where he got his personality. That's why I love them both so much.

By the way, Stryde and I are more alike and I think that might end-up causing Dryver and Jennifer to become frustrated with us both being so crazy all the time... It will be fun! Posted by Picasa

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