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Monday, July 10, 2006

Take Back What I Said…

I am not sure what I have said on this blog about the best film ever made, but whatever it was I changed my mind. Now, I love Stand By Me, Color Purple, Sixteen Candles, etc… But the best film ever made is Napoleon Dynamite.

The reason I have finally decided this is the best film ever made is because of four main reasons…

1. You can watch the film over and over and never get sick of it. Actually it is even more amusing and funny the more you watch it. I think I have seen this film at least 30 times and I still find it funny and interesting to watch.

2. The film cost less than $400K to produce and market. Think about the cost of films today, even crappy films. This film has already made back almost $50MM in gross revenues from DVD sales.

3. The actors and acting is excellent. The acting in this film is so amazing; you almost think it is surreal. The tension between relationships and the ongoing plot is unbelievable. It is all presented in a simple way, but the actual story has thousands of subplots.

4. It has interjected into our popular culture. The terms that are used, such as: Flip, Gosh, and Heck. Preston, Idaho has reported growth in visitors of over 6,000x the normal.

Anyway, if you have not seen this film, check it out. You may not like it, but I think it is great.

Here are some stats on the film in case you are interested…

-It was directed by Jared Hess (who also did Nacho Libre and Pelcua)
-It made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2004
-Napoleon debuted in June 2004, earning $116,666 in its limited release opening weekend
-The film cost less than $400K to produce and market
-It has grossed over $50MM is revenue in less than 2 years.
-The film also displays many quirky references to Mormon popular culture.
-The film was set in 2005, though most people believe it was set in the late 80’s or early 90’s
-In 2005 Ben & Jerry's unveiled a new flavor entitled 'Neapolitan Dynamite'
-Napoleon's "pretty much" favorite animal, the liger, is actually a real animal, and exists in zoos as a result of mating a male lion with a female tiger. They are not, however, "bred for their skills in magic".
-The movie was edited in producer Jeremy Coon's apartment using a $6,000 Macintosh with Final Cut Pro.
-Jon Heder was paid just $1,000 to play Napoleon. The movie grossed over $50,000,000 in the United States alone.
-The extra scene at the end of the movie was actually included in the theatrical release of the film, not just on the DVD. It cost half as much to film the single extra scene as it did to film the rest of the movie (that is, $200,000).

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