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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AdSense Check Game: Arrested on Drug Charges

Okay part two of the AdSense Check Game... I was reading the news today and the first article I clicked on.... It was a winner!

Here is a great article about the singer George Michael and how he was recently arrested on drug charges. The article speaks about his career and his recent return to the studio and tour bus.

What type of reader would want to read this article? Probably people that are interested in entertainment or music. Probably fans of his music or similar types of music. The people that read this article also probably are in their 30-40’s because he was popular in the 80’s. So advertisers such as iTunes or Ticketmaster might be good. Or even similar types of musicians that someone that likes George Michaels might enjoy.

Well, the ads that show-up? They are all ads for criminal defense attorneys or drug rehab. Are these ads targeted towards the readers of the article or the actual people in the article? Does Google assume that because George Michael likes to smoke a little weed, that all his fans like to do drugs and need criminal defense?

Come on Goog… Next I assume everyone that reads this article would be homosexual?

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