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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I am Just Confused!

Why is it that every politician that leaves office seems to leave poor and then within less than a year they are rich as hell. I remember seeing the tax returns from Wesley Clarke when he left the government. He was making $130K per year when he retired. His net worth was estimated around $340K or so. The year after he retired from the government, his income rose to $2.4MM and his net worth skyrocketed to over $20MM.

This happened 100% of the time. Even for the politicians that I actually trust and respect. Here is a great example. President Clinton and Hillary were estimated to be worth somewhere between $300K and $3MM when he left office. This is a wide range because of the reporting laws. The conservative estimate was their assets totaled around $1.5MM in 2000.

Well, fast forward to 2005, on the Clinton tax return they declared assets of somewhere between $10MM and $50MM, again conservative estimate of around $30MM. I just don’t get how this could go on and no one asks or every worries about it. It just seems strange to me.

Now, I am using Clinton as an example here, but this happens 100% of the time.

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