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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nice Ad on AdSense: I’m For Sale?

I was testing Google AdSense on my blog again, I had taken it off in May because it just wasn’t making me much (any) money. I was averaging a little less than $1CPM, with about 1,200 visitors per day (though some days is as low as a couple hundred) and some as high as 10,000. I was making around $1 per day at most, which ended up being around $400 for the full year.

The only time I ever made real money with Google was when I was picked up in December and January on some of the top sites, blogs and news sites because of what I was writing about Howard Stern and his switch to Sirius. I have not seen traffic like that again in a long time, though I am not looking for it.

Well, I have AdSense running again and it seems to really be pitching TopSail Island, because of my recent trip to the Island with my family. I can see where there is actual value is these links because people that read about my trip might want more information about the vacation spot.

I was reviewing my post from yesterday about the International Walk To School day, and happened to look over to the AdSense ads. What did I find? It was amazing. It was an ad for ‘Larrison – collectors pay attention! Save now on up to 75% of cards of all kinds!’ At first I thought they were talking about collection agencies and I started to worry I forgot to pay a bill. Then I realized it was an ad for a collector’s card or some form of collectables.

The only thing I could think of was there is a baseball player in Single A ball named Preston Larrison, but that seems just way to random. I clicked on the link and it was even more bizarre with random merchandise for some book by Joanne Larrison - The Week That Led to Easter and a book by Christopher R. Larrison et al - Impact of Welfare Reform. But the strangest was the ad for a Larrison Pop-up Blocker!

I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone of Online Contextual Advertising!

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