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Friday, October 27, 2006

Out of Whack!

I love all the news about and the rumors of buyout. I personally think digg is cool, but I have lost some interest in it because of the amout of duplicate posts and not very good navigation.

I do think it is funny to read about the Digg founders going around saying they are reaching over 20MM unique visitors per month. That is the most rediculous thing I have heard in years. There is no possible way that number is even close to accurate.

Here is a way to check the accuracy... Look at all the top ratings firms reported data on Note, the numbers are from different time periods, but all within the last few months.

Estimated Unique Visitors - Total US Traffic
  • Compete 2.1MM
  • Media Metrix 1.4MM
  • NetRatings 1.1MM
  • Hitwise 950M
  • Alexa 1.6MM
  • Digg Self Reported 20MM
Which do you think doesn't belong?

If you want to see my new favorite site, check out PopUrls. This site is great. It has everything you would ever need in one page. All I need now is to integrate my RSS feeds and personal management tools, and I will have a life dashboard!

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