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Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Sisters...

I love my two younger sisters. They are a joy to spend time with and really are great to me. I really had a great time growing up with them around, they are so caring and always look out for other people.

I really treasure the memories of times with my sisters. They both are so much alike, though they are also very different. I can remember growing up and the great times we had together. They were really good to each other, most times.

I remember going on trips together. I remember watching The Brady Bunch on tv in the basement in Evanston. I remember when we used to play games in the back yard. Yes, like any family, we went through some hard times, but it all is worth it to have such great people to have spent my life with!

These days they are doing great. They are driven to succeed and accomplish what they set out to do. My dad was really proud of them before he died. He used to get on the phone with me on our Sunday night calls and talk about how great Abby and Molly were doing.

I know they love each other a lot. They look out for each other, like no other people I know. They talk about how much they love the other one when I am talking to them. It is great to see them together as they really have a deep respect for each other.

They both are so similar, though really different also. They both are stubborn. They both are driven. They both love to talk. They both are really creative. They both wan to succeed. They both watch out for others.

They are great people. They are even better sisters. And best of all, they are amazing aunts. Dryver and Stryde love them, and I am so proud they are my sisters. Posted by Picasa

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