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Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Turkey Trot Docudrama…

Thanksgiving morning in Alexandria, Virginia. The weather was unseasonably warm and rainy. The rain had brought the temp down a few levels, though it was still in the 60's. There was a smell of turkey being roasted in our new GE Profile convection oven. Jennifer had been training with her friends for weeks to run in the official Annual Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Mile race.

As always, she was in great shape and excited about the upcoming challenge. The boys were really excited as Stryde really thought that Jennifer had a great chance to win the whole thing. The buzz in the town was all around this race, and they had expected over 1,500 runners, even with the rain.

Jennifer was planning on running with two of her closest friends, Sara and Kristen. They were really excited and all showed-up at our house early to get ready.

Well, we dropped the three gals off at the check-in around 9am and ran to the finish line to wait for them to ‘win the race.’ I brought my new video camera with to record the event and ensure we saw them break through the finish tape!

The boys and I waited for the girls to come by and were really excited when they finally showed up. Watch the video for the full story (make sure to turn your sound up also)...

I am really proud of Jennifer and her friends. Though I joke around about them coming in last (and a blind guy beating them), they did great. I need to get back to the gym so I can join them next year.

At least it would make me feel less guilty to eat a 17 pound turkey and stuffing!

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