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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Joy of My Two Sons…

There are too many great things to write about having two sons (age 3 and 5). They have so much energy; love each other more than life, and a such a great joy to be around every day.

I am not going to try and write all the great things that come along with having kids, especially boys. I won’t bore you. If you are thinking of having kids and are not sure, you can shoot me an email and I will share with you all the reasons to have them.

But, I was testing out this new video camera that I picked-up the other day, and I was rolling the tape. Well, Dryver and Stryde, were playing in the basement, and in about 30 seconds, they showed the fun that you have with two sons.

Watch this (uncut) video, and you can see how they really are great, though they push the envelope whenever they can!

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