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Monday, February 19, 2007

Amazing Video Service....

I found a great video content service online. There are a very few sources for really good online video content out there, but I think I found one I would put in the top four, if not the top one!

I am hooked on the WSJ Video Service. You can watch videos of interviews with the writers of the WSJ. You can watch experts talk about politics and business. There are market trend analysis discussions and even special segments (i.e. Oscar Nominees.) My favorite is the video they display every few days of the behind the scenes at the Editorial Page.

Now, I don't agree with most of the WSJ Editorial Page views and spin, but this is a compelling look into how they work up a point of view and a story. It is really an interesting look into how people think and you get some interesting views into what is going on in the world.

Check out one of the examples... This is where they are discussing the 2008 Republican candidates....

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