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Friday, November 02, 2007

Cool Photos from my Cell Phone

I bought a new cell phone a couple of months ago and I love it. The camera is much better than the ROKR and it actually works better as a phone. The only problem is the battery doesn' t last long enough. I spend so much time on the phone everyday, it usually burns out by 4pm or so. I find myself having to charge it almost daily.

I have been using my Blackberry to also make calls or do conference calls, but it still seems to burn out. It is a great phone, it is the new MOTORAZR V3xx - Platinum - which looks cool and works great.

The best part is the camera is actually really good. Compared to the ROKR camera, which was not bad, this one is really nice. If I could just keep my hand still, I could actually take some great photos. Here are a few that I took this week when I was heading up to NYC on the train. This is from the parking lot at Union Station in DC.

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