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Friday, June 05, 2009 is my new favorite group!

I am not a big guy carrying guy, and have a tendency to be on the liberal side (though I do believe people have rights to own guns to protect themselves), but I always am a supporter of those with common sense. What I saw today from really made me a big fan of their leadership. endorsed Brian Moran
for Governor in the Democratic Party Primary, coming up this Tuesday. This is probably not a big endorsement for Brian (he already has hundreds of endorsements), but there was something interesting about this endorsement that I have not seen in others. not only detailed why they selected Brian (which you can read at the endorsement page) but they also took the time to think through the endorsement and provide insights.

There are so many times you read an endorsement where the leadership of the organization that is doing the endorsement doesn't provide any detail behind their decision, and it is usually unclear on why they selected a candidate or not.

There are many classic cases of this in our home town of Alexandria.

I hope every Democratic voter in Alexandria does the research to decide on the best candidate this Tuesday. It isn't about just who spent the most on TV, but it is about the person that is going to do the best work for us, and who is the most dedicated to Virginia, and the children that live here.

In case you don't want to read the whole endorsement by, check out their statement on why they didn't support Terry McAuliffe...

The group calls McAuliffe...

"Terry McAuliffe is a man who is backed heavily by out of state money and interests and probably does not even know where the General Assembly Building is in Richmond."

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